Tulsans helping Tulsans in 'Project Homefront'

Thursday, April 10th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Some military families who need home repair help - are getting it - for free, through "Project Homefront." News on Six reporter Emory Bryan says some big names like Home Depot are backing it - and local firms like A-Best roofing are doing the work.

A Tulsa house in the 1300 block of North Norwood is the first one to get some work through a new program to help military families. Leroy Gartrell with A-Best Roofs, repairs roofs on lots of houses. “Ok, going to put it on now.” But this one is different. “If I can volunteer some of my time, I feel better about it.” He's helping fix the roof on this house - because Marlyss Murray lives here.

Her house needs a new roof and she can't afford it. “After I got hurt, I wasn't able to financially afford it. I'd pretty much given up hope.” But she'll get that new roof because of the two stars in her window - representing two sons in the service. One in the Navy - the other Air Force - he left at Thanksgiving. “My oldest one yeh is overseas right now, he went over voluntarily to help set it up at Qatar, and he's not been back since, and haven't heard from him either.”

A charity called “Rebuilding Together Tulsa” is helping coordinate volunteer labor to repair Murray’s house. Deanna Boston, Rebuilding Together Tulsa: "And she's going to get a new roof, doors, new fascia boards, all kinds of work done on her home." Murray: “Repaint where it needs to be painted.” Boston: “This is going to cost her absolutely nothing.” And that makes Leroy feel pretty good. “Sometimes, everybody needs a helping hand.”

And though this program is just for military families - the charity “Rebuilding Together Tulsa” does this for other low-income families who need the help.

To find out more about the organization you can visit their web site at WWW.TULSA.REBUILDINGTOGETHER.ORG