Tulsa International Airport Security

Saturday, March 22nd 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

With the nation at threat Level Orange, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is taking further steps to keep travelers safe. Obviously, heightened security measures are in place at Tulsa International Airport (TIA).

The News on 6's Heather Johnson files this update from TIA with more.

The possibility of terrorist attack is now an even bigger concern since the war started.

Airports across the country increased security the same day the first U.S. strikes on Iraq took place.

Here at TIA, some visible changes are in effect. Uniformed officers now patrol the perimeter of the airport. Some with dogs, some in plainclothes. Orange Alert signs greet passengers in several areas, letting them know of the heightened state, and asking for their help.

Ken Miller Tulsa Airport Authority: “Be a little more conscious of suspicious activities, people and unattended bags. "

Airports across the nation are taking part in Operation Liberty Shield, but security measures are specifically designed for each location based on risk.

Ken Miller Tulsa Airport Authority: “These new security measures are tailor made for that aiport so as the threat level increases and decreases, the airport can respond accordingly.”

Passengers coming in from all over, say they've definitely noticed a change traveling since the conflict in Iraq officially began. –

Airline passenger: "Oh absolutely, where we came from, it was really packed with security and security proceedures, checking baggage, taking your shoes off it was a lot tighter."

Airline passenger: "It’s a lot different. You have to take everything out of your bag, I never had to take out my laptop before, the guy checked that it's definitely a computer, and they have random car searches too.”

Airline passenger:""First time I had to take off my shoes and I had sandals on."

But all the passengers we spoke to agreed any extra measures were well worth their peace of mind.

Ken Miller Tulsa Airport Authority: “As 9/11 demonstrated transportation is a source of terrorism, they utilize that and they can virtually cripple a country by eliminating their air travel."

Security officials say there are some behind the scenes measures being taken that they could not reveal.

Again, they encourage passengers to arrive at the airport a bit earlier and be prepared for thorough baggage checks.