East Tulsa business burglaries under investigation

Tuesday, February 12th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Some local burglars are keeping Tulsa Police and repair companies busy - especially Valor Telecom, which had to rewire several phones boxes that serve entire shopping centers.

News on Six reporter Emory Bryan says the burglars cut the lines - hoping the alarms would be disabled. Then they rammed a truck into the door - to try to get in.

At one store, a heavy steel held - even though the door buckled - it held. Gary Bennett with Door Specialists: "They tried to get in and steal some money but they didn't make it, came out empty handed.”

The repair at one store will cost $700, and the burglars hit several other times. Tulsa Police believe Monday night; the same people hit four stores over a stretch of two hours. Tulsa Police officer Jim Cleveland, "Probably about 10 pm until midnight, the last alarm trip was just after midnight." On South Mingo, they rammed the back doors at Leslies Pool Supply - and cut the phone lines.

On Garnett, they smashed into a door at Turf Care - but didn't make it inside. Tom Banes with Turf Care: "I got a call from our alarm company about 11 pm and said we had a burglary attempt - I came down here thinking it was a false alarm and found the glass door broken. The phone lines had been cut to all the units in this multi-unit building."

The repairs to all those phone lines will take several days, an inconvenience for the businesses besides the cost of the damage. A truck accessories store had the same problem - an attempted smash and grab - that ended in all smash, and no grab.

No one has been arrested.