CPR training with real life application

Sunday, February 10th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

What started out as a CPR training class turned into a real life demonstration Saturday.

Things were going as planned at the free training class given by the American Heat Association Saturday when a man taking the training needed some medical attention of his own, he had chest pains and paramedics jumped in to help.

Organizers say this just proves why CPR is a something everyone should know. Ann Weatherly with the American Heart Association: "75 percent of the time it's going to be someone you know and so you owe it not only to yourself but people that are in your family, in your business, and those around you to learn the skill."

Organizers stress if someone you know goes unconscious you should first call 911, and then do CPR. CPR keeps a person’s heart beating until help arrives.