Local doughnut taste test

Wednesday, February 6th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The ground has been broken, and construction will begin soon on Tulsa's first Krispy Kreme franchise location.

So much is made of these particular doughnuts. Are they really so special? We sent News on Six Rick Wells out for a little Six In Your Corner taste testing.

Last summer before the Oklahoma City Krispy Kreme franchise opening people camped out, "When you bite into a Krispy Kreme you are at one with the universe, you have peace in the Middle East, cats and dogs living together." It's not possible; a doughnut can do all that is it? I think a little taste test is in order.

Krispy Kreme and Daylight Doughnuts provided some glazed doughnuts, we added some frozen ones from the grocery store and picked up a fourth kind on the way to our test site. I cut them into quarters, and put colored toothpicks in each, red yellow green and blue to identify the different kinds, then off to a new home construction site for the taste test.

Carpenters and bricklayers know their doughnuts. Inside we found Raymond Tobias and some of his carpenter and others doing some finishing work. I asked each to take a bite of the four varieties and tell us which they liked best. Ron is first, " like the red one." David loves doughnuts, and he takes this tasting very seriously. No need for any snooty palate cleansing here either, David liked the red ones too. Michael a brick mason thought about it, but passed. "I don't like doughnuts” I thought everyone liked doughnuts, probably didn't want to ruin his lunch. Raymond was hungry, so he volunteered. Raymond's choice was the blue one. Our final taster was Frank. Its yellow blue green and red, just take a bite of each one and tell me what you think."

In a close finish. Frank's favorite was the yellow. The doughnuts with the yellow toothpick were the frozen ones, we got at the grocery. The doughnuts with the blue toothpick that Raymond liked were the Daylight doughnuts. And the red the favorite of both Ron and David, were the Krispy Kremes.

So Krispy Kreme wins our very un-official and not very scientific doughnut taste testing. The margin for error in this taste testing survey is plus or minus 100%.