Tulsa Police looking for burglary suspect(s)

Monday, February 4th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police want your help solving a string of burglaries. Someone is breaking into animal hospitals and at least in one case, bashed into a safe and stole drugs.

Police believe the suspects are the same in all the break-ins, because of what they did to the alarm systems. News on Six crime reporter Lori Fullbright says Doctor Rodney Robards feared the worst when his employees told him someone had broken through the front door of his vet clinic recently, but he was one of the lucky ones. "They tore the alarm system out and the phone lines were cut and we have a phone box in the back, it was messed with and they took a portable CD player worth about five dollars in a garage sale."

Robards isn't sure if something spooked the thieves, because they didn't take the one thing he was sure they were after, which was drugs. "We keep our controlled drugs in a safe and they didn't find out safe, but, at the other place, they used a sledge hammer on the safe and took some Cetadine and Valium and other insignificant drugs."

Burglars hit three animal clinics in two weeks, all were in South Tulsa, two of them had the phone lines cut, and all had damage to their doors. Tulsa Police Sgt Mark Sherwood, "The first one, they smashed the glass on the front door and unlocked it, the second one, they broke the glass on the back door and on the third one, they used a pulling device to pull bars off the door."

Doctor Robards replaced his glass door with a steel one. Tulsa Police want anyone who sees people or cars around a vet clinic late at night to immediately call 911.

One of the drugs veterinarians keep on hand is called Cetadine. They say it's very popular on the streets right now; just one drop can sell for 20 dollars. Kids put the drop on a piece of rice paper and lick it, must like LSD stamps, and the affects are much like LSD or PCP. So, thieves wouldn't have to steal very many 10-milliliter vials to make a hefty profit.