Santa Claus has helpers at the Tulsa Post Office

Saturday, December 22nd 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Santa Claus couldn't be busier this time of year. But he doesn't want to get behind on all his mail from boys and girls. He asked the Post Office for some help. News on Six reporter Glenda Silvey talked with Santa's helper in Tulsa.

Mel the Mailbox loves being stuffed with children's letters to Santa. Lee Elementary school first graders are like thousands nationwide who write Santa with their Christmas wishes. He can't read all of them by himself, especially in the final week before Christmas. "Santa is so busy. He needs help." That's why he asks the post office to help open the mail, get the Christmas lists to him, and write back. Tina Oliver loves helping Santa with letters from girls and boys, who write about things that make her sad.

"I've had letters from children who want to spend Christmas with Dad or a grandparent.” and many more that make her laugh. Like the little girl asking for a kitten. "And you probably won't give it to me, but please, please please please please, about 15 pleases.” Oliver says the children create wonderful art for Santa on letters and envelopes, on all kinds of stationery. "I had one who wrote their letter on the back of mom and dad's deposit slip. I'm sure mom and dad weren't aware of that."

Harry Potter is huge this year, Oliver says, but children also ask for some of the same toys as their parents did. "Glammin' Jammin' Barbie, Starlight Fairie Barbie." And Santa's children change. “In my stocking, please put a razor so my mom will let me start shaving." Oliver also helps Santa Claus answer his important correspondence, and the post office buys the stamps. Some children even write thank yous for the presents he left on Christmas Eve, which really impresses him. "He really does know if they've been naughty or nice."

Oliver says Santa told her this personally. "He really does keep track of them, and he really does let them know that he loves all little children - all little boys and girls all over the world." Santa's Tulsa Station has received about 600 letters from children so far this season.