CHECKING out a water testing kit

Thursday, November 8th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Water safety has made its way to many Tulsa area homeowners. It's a water testing kit, and it's raising some questions. So Six In Your Corner reporter Diane White checked it out.

Many homeowners have found one of these kits hanging on their doorknob; in fact I found one hanging on my doorknob. It's a small plastic bottle and a form stuffed inside a plastic bag.

The form says Water Analysis Data Form. There's a questionnaire to fill out - including some personal information. At the bottom, it says the test is not affiliated with city water or county health departments, but there is no business name. We asked the Better Business Bureau to check it out. Rick Brinkley with the BBB: "The sad part about it is I really can't tell you if it's a scam or not because I don't even know who the company is which is a red flag for us that you don't really know who you're dealing with. The one thing we are going to know immediately is - is your response may result in an efficiency demonstration of your water and that' pretty much telling you if they can find anything wrong with your water, they're going to try to sell you some kind of product."

A product such as a filter or water softener. At the top of the sheet it asks you to place your water sample in the bag and hang it on your doorknob the next morning.

Again - we couldn't find out which company distributed these kits - which is a red flag.