Think early if your mailing for Christmas this year

Monday, November 5th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The holidays are just around the corner, that means lots of us will be sending and receiving packages in the mail. They'll still be delivered, but is there anything you need to do differently this year? News on Six reporter Tami Marler has been looking for answers to that question.

Patricia Benson, a gift shop customer: "I've delivered from here before, and I know it always gets there on time, and I can count on them. And when I forget something they say hey, 'did you want to do this?'" Patricia Benson is like most of the customers at "On the Corner." She's comfortable with the familiar faces at the post office here.

Even though Christmas is weeks away, Kathy Hawkins of "On the Corner", says the lines are already forming. "It's picked up now already, but really after Thanksgiving." But it's not exactly "business as usual." Nationwide anthrax scares have everyone on high alert. "I think everybody in their own way has been a little more cautious in everything that they look at as they get it in their homes, or even as they bring it here to the store for us to mail it."

And they're following the US Postal service's guidelines. When sending packages, be sure to write a full return address, neatly. They reserve the right to reject lopsided packages, and packages with too much tape. "If it has excessive tape or stamps, we're a little more cautious, and stained or discolored or odor, if we smell anything, we can question them.”

And, as usual - get your packages to the post office in plenty of time to be delivered. Benson, "I play it safely and I usually mail at least two weeks ahead of time."