OSU frat celebrates homecoming weekend differently

Friday, October 26th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It's homecoming for the OSU Cowboys. That means football, reminiscing with old friends, and elaborate house decorations from fraternities and sororities. But as News on Six reporter Heather Brooker tells us, one fraternity is breaking tradition to build a real homecoming for one Stillwater family.

All the pomp and circumstance of the 79th annual homecoming can be seen all over Stillwater these days. Students have been working hard to build huge house decorations for their alumni, but the Sigma Chi fraternity isn't participating in the standard homecoming activities. Brian Watson-Sigma Chi President "We decided we wanted to do something a little bit more with the money and the man hours that are usually spent building the house deck." OSU has one of the most celebrated homecomings in the state. And while many social groups are pomping their house decks the men of Sigma Chi say they want to leave something more lasting for the community. "Sort of a natural avenue for us to take was Habitat for Humanity in the building of a house deck and the building of an actual house."

They started building the Habitat for Humanity house back in September. The members work on it three times a week for several hours at a time. Watson says they raised $30,000 to build the house, and just need about $5,000 more to meet their goal. "We've had a lot of help from everyone in the house and it's really been a project we've been able to rally behind." Freshmen who've never experienced an OSU style homecoming say the example set by older members will leave a lasting impression.

Aaron Reinhardt: "I think it's a great impact on me personally seeing these older guys being out here and giving back to the community. I think it's something I’d love to carry on as I become a junior and senior." Watson, "It's definitely something we wanted to add to homecoming and not take away from it." And they hope the family who lives here knows this house was made with love from a "family" of brothers.

Watson says the family moving into the house will be a mother and her four children from Zimbabwe. They hope to put the finishing touches on the house just after Christmas.