Tulsa Promenade Cancels Halloween Activities

Tuesday, October 16th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Kids in costumes picking up candy..it's always be a Halloween tradition at Tulsa Promenade - but not this year.

Management has cancelled the party.

Mike Johnson, Tulsa Promenade Manager: "It was a corporate decision made out of Chiscago to not really have the traditional Halloween activities and that was really based out of respect - and just heightened concern and awareness for our shoppers."

But on the other side of town, Eastland Mall is taking a different approach - it will have afternoon trick or treating for day care centers - and more on Halloween night.

The mall says merchants support the decision.

Lorna Milaccio, Eastland Mall: "The people I've talked to this morning even were still very excited about Halloween and the candy that they're going to have and the treats - and toys."

Little Araya will be at the party. Her mom plans to dress her up as a ladybug and take her trick or treating at Eastland mall.

Amy Swafford, Tulsa Mom: "She'll be two in January - last Halloween she knew what was going on but she wasn't really aware. Now that she can walk - and run - she's going to go nuts."

They visit the mall often, so she's not concerned about safety on Halloween.

Amy Swafford: "I have no problems with it - they say there's going to be a bunch of people around - and the security guard just walked by - I'm not worried about it a bit."

Tulsa police agree.

Lucky Lamons, Tulsa Police Department: "The malls are going to be safe - they're going to have extra security - we'll have extra visibility on that evening for the trick or treaters - I wouldn't worry - I wouldn't be concerned if I were a parent."

Families who do want to trick or treat at a Tulsa mall have only one choice - Eastland Mall.

Woodland Hills Mall hasn't had trick or treating since 1998.

One important note: although Tulsa Promenade has cancelled Halloween plans - the mall will still be open on Halloween.