McAlester's Army Ammunition plant very busy

Friday, October 12th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Most of the bombs and missiles being used in the US attacks are made near McAlester.

The US Army Ammunitions Plant is the Defense Department's primary bomb source, producing a wide range of weaponry, including the two and five thousand pound penetration bombs being used in Afghanistan.

The plant covers 45,000 acres in southeastern Oklahoma, where explosives are stored in more than 2,000 underground bunkers.

Workers aren't allowed to talk about their jobs, but say they're proud to serve their country. Greg, an employee at the plant, "I'll just say this. I'll say that the individuals that were responsible for subjecting our country to such a vicious act, they need to be dealt with accordingly. And we produce the stuff to do that."

The plant was built during World War Two. Oklahoma was chosen because its central location would make it difficult for Japanese or German planes to reach.