Red Cross worker returns home after helping in New York City

Saturday, October 6th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

One of the soldiers in America's new war returned home to Tulsa afternoon. But she doesn't wear fatigues or drive a tank. News on Six reporter Paul Serrell went to Tulsa International Airport to meet a woman who helped out at the place of horror.

The American Red Cross rolled out the red carpet for Dannette McIntosh, one of their Tulsa workers who just returned from New York City. McIntosh spent three weeks in New York City providing food, water and comfort to victims of the terror attack. She says you have to see the devastation to believe it. "When you're there and you see the people crying and you see people on park benches just looking down at the World Trade Center and they have no home and you talk to Mom who say my child was at that daycare and she saw bodies falling out of the building." She added, "There's just a sense of sadness that's just undescrible."

And inescapable. McIntosh says there were times she couldn't help but cry. "I cried at the Day of Prayer Service, when Lee Greenwood sang, I cried. When I talked to an elderly man who sat on a park bench and said he wanted to commit suicide because he left Europe a long time ago for this very reason and now it's happening to his beloved country and we got him to a mental health counselor, that made me cry."

And now that she's home, she's proud that when the call came for help she was able to answer.