Wild rides at Tulsa State Fair

Thursday, October 4th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

There's no place to find a wild ride like the Tulsa State Fair. And no one to ride one, like News on Six reporter Emory Bryan. There are few rides on the midway that will keep chiropractors in business for months to come.

Anytime a ride has a name like spin out, or turbo force, its bound to be a thrill for some, a scare for others. Heidi Beasley of Tulsa: "It really jerks you up, I have to watch my head." It's one of the curiosities of the fair. "I do get nervous anytime on a ride." Despite what good sense tells you to avoid, people will ride almost anything. (screaming) And they enjoy it. "You lose your stomach a little bit." Angela Lewis of Tulsa: "I'm nervous." Nerves aren't enough to keep people away. "Oh. Oh my God." Wild rides are growing in popularity at the fair, where the demand is for higher and faster. "It was awesome, it was so scary, it went so high up and I'm scared of heights and when it dropped my stomach when all the way up, it was awesome."

But losing just your stomach is a success story for some rides, some rides spin and flip and fly people in directions they were not meant to go. "Don't get me on that ride, that ride was awesome, that's a great ride." The fair says it's just meeting a demand for more extreme rides.

The good news is you're in good hands at the fair. Ride operator, "The ride don't last that long anyways, so when it's over, I stop em."