Tulsa's mayor holds meth summit

Thursday, September 20th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It's a growing problem in Tulsa. Methamphetamine. Tulsa Mayor Susan Savage held a meth summit Wednesday, so officers, social workers and prosecutors could figure out the best way to fight the drug.

Officers say clandestine labs in houses; hotel rooms and cars present the biggest threat, because the chemicals and fumes are so dangerous, especially to children. Police can now take children from meth-homes, get them immediate medical treatment and follow their progress. Many fear the long-term affects will be brain damage, cancer and liver failure.

Tulsa Police Detective Danielle Bishop, "They have no idea they're in danger, that they shouldn't touch the chemicals and they know what's going on, kids are smart. I had a five year old tell the manufacturing process to me in his own words."

Another change, prosecutors can now file charges against parents even if children don't show any current signs of injury, based on the knowledge that the meth chemicals can cause long-term damage.