HEALTHSOUTH'S Sports Medicine Trailer at the LPGA

Thursday, September 6th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

What happens if you get a little back or shoulder problem on the job? If it affects your work, you might take a little time off. But, as the News on Six's Rick Wells tells us, if you are a professional golfer, and time off is not an option, you walk down the driveway and get some treatment.

“Here you go Marisa, now your Stairmaster." That's Keith Kennedy he's the chief therapist and coordinator in Healthsouth's sports medicine trailer. Marisa Baena and Suzy Green are in for some help before they even begin warming up. Suzy:" I'm dealing with a little bit of a rotator cuff problem right now." This is her fourth year on the tour, this shoulder problem has been with her for about three weeks, and she’s just trying to get through the season. For Marisa Baena, it's a shoulder problem too and some general warm up. She says she's kind of injury prone so this mobile therapy room is essential. " For me it's key. Without it I don't think I could be playing." Once the treatment is done, about fifteen minutes they are on the practice tee getting ready for their round.

For Keith Kennedy it's sit back and waits for another customer with a problem. "Shoulders, backs, hands wrists, we've got one sprained ankle we are working thru this week." This is a fully equipped training room and treatment facility pretty much what you'd find available to any sports team, ready to treat anything. It pretty much has to be Keith says they see 65 to 75 golfers every day. Maggie Will is in about three hours before her tee time. She uses this as a daily training and workout and warm-up session. Rick Wells, "If this weren't here would you have to find a place?" Will, "I think I'd have to find a place yeah." The veteran players recognize the importance of staying in shape for golf now, and for whatever they do when the golf is done.

The Healthsouth sports medicine trailer travels to about 35 tournaments throughout the year.