LAW officers to get high-resolution photo system

Friday, August 24th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ A national nonprofit group is funding a computer system that will allow Oklahoma law officers to transmit high-resolution photos of crime suspects and missing children.

About 100 law enforcement agencies in the state will have access to the $5,000 systems funded by Technology to Recover Abducted Kids.

The organization received donations from Adobe Systems Inc., Amazon.Com, AT&T and the Hewlett-Packard Co. for the systems.

Oklahoma is one of 29 states to share about 1,000 systems nationwide, said Terry Hanebeck, Midwest regional director for the group.

``We hope to have one in every sheriff's office in Oklahoma within two to three months,'' Hanebeck said.

The software system was designed to help law enforcement agencies find abducted children. It allows any police officer to create high-resolution photo bulletins and share them electronically with other law enforcement agencies, the media and the community.

The high-quality, color photos also can be routed to area convenience stores and neighborhood watch program fax machines. That way people can quickly print and distribute fliers.

The system was developed five years ago in California. Without it, alerts were most often communicated by telephone, teletype or fax machines, Hanebeck said. Often, the photos were fuzzy and unrecognizable.

System users pay for an analog fax line and a $200 annual maintenance fee after the first year, said Mary Jane Cook, senior criminal intelligence analyst at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Hanebeck said 21 county sheriffs, including Oklahoma County, have installed the system. The other 56 counties need about another $500 each, which Hanebeck hopes to get through local donations or Technology to Recover Abducted Kids.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the state Corrections Department and the state Agriculture Department also have systems.