PAINTBALL attack investigated

Tuesday, July 17th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Someone spent their Sunday afternoon driving around shooting unsuspecting people with a paintball gun. They didn't just shoot at people, but, videotaped it, then laughed at their victims.

KOTV's Lori Fullbright says the victims don't think it's funny. Shawna Adams and Suzanna Norcomey were at Tulsa's Woodward Park Sunday, taking pictures of Suzanna's daughter to put on the cover of a program, advertising the upcoming PowWow. They were used to people stopping and admiring the beauty of the girl and her one-of-a-kind, hand beaded outfit. So, when a group of boys pulled up with a videocamera, they weren't concerned. Shawna Adams, Paintball Victim: "I turned around to focus on the picture and we were hit, with what, we didn't know. I felt sharp pains in my leg and Suzana grabbed her side." Suzanna Narcomey, Paintball Victim: "I heard the shots and felt the searing pain in my side and thought we'd been shot. I couldn't move."

The women were relieved to know they'd only been shot with paintballs, the paint is still on their clothing. Shawna just had back surgery and one shot hit her square in the back, and she has huge bruises on her legs and shoulder. "They videotaped the event and then drove off laughing. It's not funny. Funny ends when you're not a willing vicitm."

While police were taking Shawna and Suzanna's report, three other people reported the same thing, also, four 18 to 20 year old boys in a dark Green, 90's model Jeep Cherokee with a Sony videocam. Suzanna: "I was furious that these young men had nothing better to do." Both women are thankful the paint did not hit the $4,000 dress, not only is it irreplaceable, it has great sentimental value, it belonged to the girl's older sister, who is no longer living. These women hope someone will see the videotape and turn the boys in.

Police say the attack constitutes an assault with a dangerous weapon, which is a felony. If you know who they are, you can call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS. Assault with a dangerous weapon is a felony.