NEW dress code for Tulsa Public Schools means everyone hitting the stores for new clothes

Tuesday, July 17th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It's back to school shopping under new guidelines. The Tulsa Public School board approved a new dress code Monday night. School starts in a month and year round students return next week.

KOTV's Glenda Silvey looks at what's allowed, and what might result in a trip to the principal's office.

Tara Klimo of Target showed KOTV some styles that girls love, but that won't be seen in school hallways this year. "Anything with the back cut out like this, and then short, like this. Any kind of midriff with the back out is a no-no." So is the popular halter-top baring back and shoulders.

The new dress code sets certain guidelines for strap width on girls' tops. "Of course it said two finger widths on the strap and of course that's close, but probably wouldn't want to chance it." Tara says most of the shorts wouldn't pass code, but that's the style girls are wearing. Capri’s are one solution, and can be worn into fall. The dress code put thumbs down on a favorite piece of attire, pajama pants. "A lot of them put it together with a tank top, something cotton to go with the bottoms, and then flip flops." Ah, flip flops caused dress code confusion. These traditional rubber types are the only ones banned.

For boys, one of the main restrictions is sagging pants. "Pants with the belt that they can keep close so they can keep it really low around the waist and see that their boxers come up above their pants." Students can wear bandanas and hats outside, but not in school. "Lots of people have tongue rings." Not anymore in Tulsa Public Schools, or any other body piercing, except ears. "These necklaces have sharp spikes on them." No jewelry or accessories that might be dangerous. No clothing with controversial symbols or messages, and no wallet chains.

Some tattoos are acceptable, it's not obscene, drug or gang related, and it's covered. This year's school shopping may not be what some students had in mind, but they'll still be looking good.