Kids get self defense training

Saturday, August 31st 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

More than two thousand children are reported missing every year. While it's difficult to explain to our children why it happens, it's a reality parents these days have to deal with.

News on Six Reporter Patrina Adger found one program that gives kids the confidence to fight back.

Chief Instructor Gary Wilden at the Martial Arts Academy in Jenks teachers six through fifteen year olds what to do if a child predator attacks.

He teaches them basic self defense techniques to help them fend off attackers. He says you're never too young to learn .

Wilden also takes kids through a series of roll playing scenarios teaching kids how to protect themselves if ever approached by a stranger.

" We talk about a car coming up on the side of them and we walk in the opposite direction. We teach them how to use a stick, it's not how to swing it, it's how to properly use it. and what areas to strike in."

As part of the class, Wilden fingerprints each child. He says it's part of an identification kit complete with the child's personal information, a photgraph, a strand of hair and a dental chart.

"It's reality, reality sets in strong. And that's why we cover so much. And I've had kids cry in this program but the parents are going, 'This is what they needed.' It's a wakeup call for some of 'em."

For more information on self-defense programs FOR KIDS, you can call Martial Arts Academy U-S-A at 291-KICK.