Sleeping wife kidnapped in stolen truck

Saturday, August 10th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A quick trip to a tire store turned into a nightmare for Dana and Brenda O'Dell on Friday.

Dana had stopped at Bill's Tire Service at 15th and Yale Friday afternoon. Brenda was feeling bad, so he left her asleep in the back seat of the pickup with the engine running.

He says he was only 20 feet away when he turned and saw the truck backing out of the lot.

"And at first I thought they were moving my truck... and the guy said, that's not one of ours," Dana says he couldn't believe it. "I walked out to the curb and saw it just kept goin'... and that's when I hollered, somebody's gotta have keys, let's go."

When Brenda woke up, the truck was driving wildly down Yale, with a stranger behind the wheel.

"He was driving real reckless... y'know throwing me around in the truck."

He told her he was test-driving the truck and asked her if she knew where her husband was. Still groggy, Brenda didn't know what to think.

"He said, well I'm going to give you a chance to call your husband."

After several scary minutes, he let Brenda out of the truck at a convenience store at Admiral and Harvard, that's when she realized the suspect was stealing the truck and she made one last try to get it back.

"And I went for the ignition... and that's when he started hittin' me in the side of my neck. I'm just thankful that he let me out y'know thank god because you just don't know in that situation."

"I'm sorry we lost the truck, but like I say, I don't have any complaints, I've got my wife," Dana said.

So far the truck and the truck thief have not been found.