Complaints about Glenpool emergency services taken to city council

Tuesday, April 23rd 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Glenpool officials are responding to complaints about emergency services in the community.

Concerns were raised following the April 9th death of retired minister Erwin Jackson. He collapsed in his front yard while mowing the lawn. Jackson's relatives and neighbors say emergency first responders and local ambulance services were partly to blame for his death.

Residents went to the city council meeting Monday night to voice their concerns of slow response times and incompetent emergency staff. Jenny Watts: "We just want to know when we have something happen, that our first responders are gonna be there and know what to do. Darla Love: "The bottom line here is our safety, citizens of Glenpool, safety. I have five children and myself plus not only that, my neighbors I'm concerned about."

The State Department of Health will step in to investigate what happened. Councilors also agreed to keep a 30-day watch over the Glenpool first responder unit as well as the Lifestat ambulance service.