DVIS fundraiser features Martina McBride

Thursday, May 31st 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

For years country singer Martina McBride has sung about the problems of domestic violence. She brought that message to Tulsa with the first ever "Seeds of Hope" luncheon and cocktail reception.

It was Martina's first big hit that helped bring about awareness. "When I recorded Independence Day I knew that it would have an impact on somebody." Domestic violence has always been something that I've been concerned with; I've been very compassioned about. With her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Martina McBride has become a hero of sorts to thousands of women. Her popularity is ever growing as she turns out hit, after hit. "Let's just stay until they kick us out what do you say?" She's developed a legion of fans that pack concert halls and convention centers. That popularity has paid off as she was chosen Female Vocalist of the year. Born in Sharon, Kansas, McBride knows about small town life. And she's seen the struggles first hand for some women who've been the victims of abuse. Her message of hope can be heard in more than just "Independence Day". “I think my songs definitely have a message of empowerment. I don't really set out to find those songs necessarily, they just seem to be what I'm drawn to and if they help someone feel empowered or to leave a bad situation or do what's right for them, then that's a great thing, it's a privilege for me to be able to do that." Her song "Independence Day" did spark controversy however. The video shows a woman who's tired of the abuse, setting fire to her home. She dies along with her abusive husband, and leaves behind a young daughter. McBride shrugs off the critics because she knows how it's helped some women. It had never really been sung about before, you know so all these people finally had a voice and a song that made them feel like somebody else knew what they were going through.

The benefit was for Tulsa's DVIS program. If you are interested in finding out more about DVIS, you can call 585-3163.