SAVING money on gasoline

Tuesday, May 8th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Looking for ways to save money at the pump? U.S. gas prices have hit record highs topping more than $2 a gallon in Chicago and California. Most prices in Tulsa were a $1.69. KOTV's Donn Robertson explains how motorists can save some money.

Mechanics say keeping your car in tip-top shape won't immediately save you money, but they say it can save you a lot in the long run. The sound of filling up brings on a sound of frustration. "I think they are outrageous." "It's cutting down on our profits." Rage at the pump in Tulsa hit about a year ago, and those prices were about 30-cents cheaper than today. The recent jump has Ken Perry of Interstate Truck Rental paying more attention to the maintenance of his fleet. "We do it on a regular basis for vehicle upkeep, but it also gives us better fuel mileage." Mechanics say the cheapest way to improve gas mileage is to make sure your tires have the proper pressure.

Paul Lindstrom with Firestone says, "That is the cheapest thing you can do on a vehicle, plus it is going to be one of the biggest benefits." Mechanics say you should also balance your tires and make sure you have a good tread. Also, change your air filters and spark plugs. "Over the long haul, it is going to save you some money, no doubt about it."

A University of Tulsa economist says if we all conserve, the prices should go down over time. A recent government report on last summer's price run-up found no evidence of price-fixing by the oil companies. That's not going to cut down today's rage at the pump. "I don't like it, nobody does." "I'm going to by a little bit at a time until prices go back up, then I will fill-up."

The TU economist we talked to, say students recently did a study comparing prices of items from the 1950's, and found gas today should be a $1.60.