3 Year Old Thought to be Kidnapped is Found

Sunday, April 15th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

3-year-old Diandre Thomas is safe and sound.

Around one-thirty Monday Morning, about 24 hours after he was reported missing, a man found Diandre wandering in a North Tulsa neighborhood.

Detective Don Holloway, Tulsa Police Department: He went to a couple of houses in the area to try and locate the parents of the child and he went to one home and they told him it looked like the child on T-V and they called police and we verified the identity of the child.

Henia Moore and her family were asleep when they got the knock on the door.

They imediately recognized who he was... and took care of him until police arrived.

Henia Moore, Neighbor: He was shaking, he didn't have any shoes on, he had on some shorts and a shirt and you can tell it's chili out here.

Latiste Logan, Neighbor: he wasn't really talking too much, but I asked him his name is Diandra and he shook his head yea and whenever you called his name he'd turn around to look at you.

Deandrea lives at the Greens of Bedford apartment complex with his father and his father's girlfriend.

Early Sunday morning, the kidnappers knocked on their door and threatened a 13-year-old girl.

The girl is scheduled to testify against her father... Lamar Dennis in an indecent exposure case.

Police say the boy was just a pawn and the kidnappers threatened to kill him.

The kidnappers wanted the girl to lie on the stand, because her dad owes them 30-thousand dollars.

Sgt. Wayne Allen, Tulsa Police Department: And for her to tell the court that she lied in the previous testimony. Because if Lamar goes to the penitentiary, he can't pay us the 30-thousand dollars he owes us.
Diandre was taken to Tulsa Regional Medical Center for observation.