Transcript from Weight Off with THE EARLY SHOW

Thursday, April 5th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

BRYANT GUMBEL: All this week, we`ve embarked on the beginning of our ``Weight Off with THE EARLY SHOW.'' A comprehensive program designed to help you improve your health and shed unwanted pounds. A group of volunteers from across the country agreed to allow our experts to monitor their progress as they follow the weight-loss plan.

This morning, we`re in the twin cities to meet 24-year-old Greg Shipp, who weighs 196 pounds and wants to lose 20.

Greg, good morning.


GUMBEL: Doesn`t sound to me like you have much of a weight problem.

SHIPP: I don`t think it I a weight problem yet, but it`s going in wrong direction.

GUMBEL: Why is it going in the wrong direction?

SHIPP: My lifestyle has changed. Less active than I once was, eat more junk. It is adding up.

GUMBEL: What are some of your worst eating habits?

SHIPP: Worst one is late night, no doubt.

GUMBEL: Munching late?

SHIPP: Munching late. Snacks out at a bar or something like that.

GUMBEL: I understand you also like to down a brew or two.

SHIPP: Yes, that happens now and again.

GUMBEL: Yes. Have you tried ditching some of these pounds before?

SHIPP: I don`t know. I think I`ve been a little bit more conscious of them, but never tried to make a wholesale change. I think I`ve watched them a little bit, but not very consciously.

GUMBEL: This is your fourth day on the program. How do you feel?

SHIPP: So far, so good. Not a big deal. Not a big deal so far, no.

GUMBEL: How many beers have you had?

SHIPP: None.


SHIPP: Softball season starts next week, so...

GUMBEL: Sit tight for a second. Let me bring in Dr. Lou Aronne of Presbyterian Hospital, who helped us develop the weight-off plan.

Does he have a problem?

DR. LOUIS ARONNE, N.Y. PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL: I think he`s on the way to developing a problem, Bryant. Because he`s gained 15 pounds in three years, that`s five pounds a year. If he doesn`t take steps, he could wind up gaining a lot more weight. Let me give you an example...

GUMBEL: That`s unlikely. Generally guys get out of college and bloat up a little bit. They won`t gain five pounds a year in perpetuity.

ARONNE: You don`t know that you`ve got watch and prevent that weight gain. If you look at Jake White, our participant from Orlando, very similar story. Now he`s 31. Now he`s gained not just 15 pounds, he`s gained more than 50 pounds. He has high triglycerides, a low good cholesterol. He`s starting to have health problems from his weight.

GUMBEL: Greg talked about his--and we can all relate to this--he misses his brews and alcohol. Do we have to stay off that stuff?

ARONNE: I don`t think we have to stay off it. You have to watch it. If you`re having trouble with your weight, while a little bit of alcohol is healthy, alcohol is a triple threat it is high in calories. It stimulates your appetite and reduces your willpower. Have it the right way. Have it with a meal.

GUMBEL: Reduces your willpower. Why stay away from the alcohol then?

ARONNE: You use the willpower you had before.

GUMBEL: Is that the hardest part of this thing?

ARONNE: I anticipate it, because it is part of my social life.

GUMBEL: Yes, I would imagine so. What`s our tip for the day, Lou?

ARONNE: The tip for the day is to watch your portion sizes. People are being supersized into obesity. If you look at what`s going on in the country, you go to a buffet restaurant, there is all the food you want, low price. You got to watch out on the buffet lines.

GUMBEL: It is an American habit, isn`t it?

ARONNE: An American habit, big quantities, low cost.

GUMBEL: Greg, good luck. We`ll check back with you.

SHIPP: Thank you.