Bye, Bye Alicia

Friday, March 16th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

She's got the abs, but they've got the muscle.

Which meant that the ongoing Ogakor alliance exercised its right to bounce fitness trainer Alicia Calaway on Wednesday night's eighth episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Alicia's eviction, by a 5-4 vote, reduces the former Kucha tribe to three open targets, Rodger Bingham, Elisabeth Filarski and nonentity Nick Brown, who was still breathing at last sight but otherwise has shown no discernible signs of life. He's not flying below the radar. He's burrowing beneath it.

The previous episode's merger already had rendered the two tribes Barramundi in name only. The Ogakors assumed the power on that pivotal show when Dallasite Colby Donaldson survived a tiebreaker vote with Kucha Jeff Varner. Now the Ogakors can pick and choose at will, outwitting, outplaying and outlasting Survivor producer Mark Burnett's formidable editing skills.

On Episode 8, he dangled the impossible dream, that Ogakor viper Jerri Manthey at last might be ousted for being so impeccably despicable. Uh-uh. Darth Jerri survives to strut anew in her wide variety of plunging bikini tops.

Sweet-tempered cutie Elisabeth, who's lately been jutting her l'il jaw a bit, thought she might be able to persuade Tina Wesson or Keith Famie to vote across tribal lines against Jerri.

But savvy Alicia, a 32-year-old New Yorker, said Elisabeth was naive to think the Ogakors would so soon relinquish their advantage. She pretty much foresaw her eviction.

"I have to say that I was expecting this," she said in her parting remarks. "We knew that I was going to be a threat. And I just hope somebody from Kucha can [stretch] this thing out and break Ogakor's spirit. It's all good, though. Now I get to sit on the jury and watch everything that happens. Peace. Out."

Jerri drew the night's four eviction votes from the outnumbered Kuchas. But her Ogakor mates, Colby, Tina, Keith and trinket Amber Brkich, resisted any urges to deviate from an obviously pre-planned Alicia vote-off.

Earlier in the episode, Keith reclaimed the "immunity talisman" he won the previous week by winning a relatively boring competition to rope off the most squares in a checkerboard. And Jerri drew more animosity by triumphing in a boomerang throwing competition. The reward was a sumptuous meal that included shrimp, chicken, pasta and rolls. Allowed to ask one contestant to join her, Jerri chose her lockstep ally, Amber.

"They're making rice over there," Jerri said while she broke bread with Amber. "But they've got two extra helpings of rice, so ha-ha."

Oh how our blood boils. But here's a prediction. The Ogakors now have the luxury of voting off one of their own and still retaining superiority in numbers. So when Survivor II returns on Thursday, March 29 (next Wednesday's episode is a recap of previous events), look for Jerri to possibly get hers. Ooh, wouldn't that be scrumptious.