Street improvement projects that affect traffic on major Tulsa streets include:

Wednesday, March 7th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6


NEW: SOUTH LEWIS AVENUE, EAST 61st TO 75th STREETS: Traffic has been narrowed to two lanes for street rehabilitation. This project will be completed by June 1.

NEW: SOUTH MEMORIAL DRIVE AT EAST 33RD STREET: Traffic will be narrowed to two lanes from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. weekdays for two weeks during median modification for the new Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority's transfer station.

NEW: EAST 11TH STREET JUST WEST OF U.S. HIGHWAY 169: Traffic is narrowed to two lanes in each direction for two weeks during median modification.

NORTH PEORIA AVENUE, EAST 27TH STREET TO MOHAWK BOULEVARD: Traffic has been narrowed to two lanes for utility relocations.

THIRD STREET AND MAIN STREET: Traffic has been switched to the new south lanes during reconstruction of the north lanes. A new two-lane road is being built on Main Street between Third and Fourth streets.

FOURTH STREET AND MAIN STREET: The north two lanes are closed during construction of a two-lane road on Main Street between Third and Fourth Streets.

SOUTH DELAWARE AVENUE IS CLOSED BETWEEN 10TH AND EIGHTH STREETS for two to three months during a stormwater drainage improvement project.

FOURTH STREET, BOSTON TO DETROIT AVENUES: Traffic has been narrowed to one lane (one-way eastbound street) for 45 days during installation of a new water line.

EAST 15TH STREET SOUTH, HARVARD TO YALE AVENUES: Motorists should expect occasional lane closures for two to three weeks as crews remove sidewalks during utility relocations. This is in preparation for widening 15th Street.

EAST 13TH STREET SOUTH AND EAST 14TH STREET SOUTH, PEORIA AVENUE TO LEWIS AVENUE: Traffic has been narrowed to two lanes during street rehabilitation. Delays should be expected.

SOUTH GARNETT ROAD, EAST 41ST STREET TO EAST 51st STREET: Construction has begun to widen Garnett. Delays should be expected for about three to four months.

EAST 51st STREET NORTH, PEORIA AVENUE TO UTICA AVENUE: Traffic is limited to westbound only. The eastbound lane is closed for two to three months during street reconstruction.

EAST 21st STREET, HARVARD AVENUE TO LEWIS AVENUE: Asphalt has been placed on the westbound lanes and two-way traffic has been moved to those lanes.