Survivor: What Happened This Week

Friday, February 16th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

If you missed ``Survivor: The Australian Outback'' Thursday, here are the essential developments on CBS' hit adventure-reality show for episode four of the 14-segment series:

— Voted Off: Mitchell Olson, the lanky singer-songwriter.

— Remaining Survivors: Kucha Tribe — Rodger, Jeff, Nick, Elisabeth, Alicia, Michael, Kimmi. Ogakor Tribe — Tina, Colby, Jerri, Keith, Amber.

— Death Wish: After a tie vote between Mitchell and Keith in tribal council, both men are asked to vouch for their survival. Mitchell admits he's the weaker of the two.

— No Fan: Actress Susan Sarandon, a guest on ``Friends'' this week, is bashing ``Survivor.'' She said she watched it once last summer and was disgusted.

— Reward Challenge: Solving a giant puzzle. Kucha wins.

— Reward: Three chickens and rooster.

— Meat Market: It's not a happy time for vegetarian Kimmi, whose teammates kill a rooster and pig for meals.

— Blood Lust: Michael is positively gleeful after killing a pig. CBS warns viewers before showing his thrusts with a bloody knife.

— Quote: ``I feel better about my position now that I've made this kill'' — Michael.

— Immunity Challenge: An outback quiz. Kucha wins.

— Nielsen Ranking Last Week: Second place behind ``ER,'' with an estimated 29 million viewers.