Woman injured and people doused following game

Sunday, October 29th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) _ One woman was injured and several people were doused with pepper spray during a post-game celebration following Oklahoma's defeat of Nebraska on Saturday.

The woman, who was not identified, was treated at a local hospital, said Larry Naifeh, assistant athletic director. Naifeh said she may have suffered a broken arm, but he could not confirm her injuries.

``Some folks were provided with eye wash,'' Naifeh said. ``A few people were affected by the spray during the initial rush.''

Naifeh said he didn't know how many people were sprayed.

He said officials were concerned that students or others might have been injured when the goalposts came down. But he said the university has a policy of not using any mace, pepper spray or other chemicals to control people in such situations.

``One of things that occurred was when there was a rush to the goalposts, someone did fall down and there was a big concern that, under those circumstances, someone could be injured,'' he said.

``That may have been what precipitated a use (of chemicals), to make sure someone did not get seriously injured.''

During the game, officials asked fans not to rush the field or try to tear down goalposts following the game. Even Coach Bob Stoops and quarterback Josh Heupel could be seen appealing to the crowd for calm after they stormed the field. But a group of people toppled the south goalpost anyway.

An unidentified uniformed officer could be seen spraying a canister of something into a section of the crowd on the field after which people scrambled.

Naifeh said university police followed instructions not to use chemicals.

``There are a number of agencies involved. We'll look at the tape to see what may have precipitated that when there was a directive not to use it,'' Naifeh said.

Cindy and Kevin Webber were among the fans swarming the field seconds after the final guns sounded.

``I've never experienced a win like this,'' Mrs. Webber said, sitting on top of her husband's shoulders. ``Never, never, never!''

``It's been so long,'' Kevin Webber added.

Saturday's 31-14 victory broke Oklahoma's seven-game losing streak to the Cornhuskers, who were not without encouragement in the stands.

As the fourth quarter began, Cornhusker supporter Bill Goodwin tried to console his son Sam that things would turn around. Trailing by 17 points, Nebraska was on the move when OU recovered a fumble.

``Yeah, it's been exciting,'' said Goodwin, sounding discouraged. ``Both teams have a lot of class.''