Kid Stuff: New products made for breakfast, bedtime and everything in between

Monday, October 16th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

By Patricia Lowell / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

Refining dining

When the dish runs away with the spoon, it usually means a mess on the floor. But the Baby Björn plate and spoon go a long way toward helping kids eat, and the cloverleaf design makes it difficult for small hands to grab and toss. The spoon is angled to help keep food in place while awkward hands try to put it in the mouth. The set costs $29.95 (as an introductory gift set that includes a bib) at children's specialty retailers.

Moving to the beat

TravelTunes' softly padded headrest slips over any infant or toddler seat to provide a set of personal stereo speakers that focus sound right where it's most appreciated – a lifesaver for parents who cringe at the thought of hearing one more verse of "I'm a Little Teapot." TravelTunes plugs into any portable cassette player, in-car TV/VCR jack or the headphone jack in the back seat of many SUVs and minivans.

TravelTunes Stereo Headrest for Car Seats by Marietta Designs costs $21.95 and can be ordered direct at 1-888-557-9551 or online at

Diaper basics

After just a few weeks of parenthood, most folks start to feel that diaper bags have been surgically attached to their shoulders. Lug no more! Baby on the Go by Earth Angels is a complete diaper change contained in a simple, take-along pouch. The pouch can be slipped into a purse, baby jogger, stroller or glove compartment.

The package features a diaper, two wipes, a sanitizing hand wipe, tie-off disposal bag and changing mat that can double as a burp cloth.

Baby on the Go Diaper Changing Kit costs $1.99 at Babies R Us and Kmart. Coming soon to Albertson's.

Parents can also look for Icky Mat – disposable, leakproof paper covers that are great to use as liners in car seats, changing pads or in-a-pinch bibs. The companion Icky Kit contains a leakproof bag, towel and two wipes. Icky Mat costs $3.99 for 12, and Icky Kit costs $2.99. They are made by Icky Products and are available at children's specialty retailers.Stroller supreme

You may dream of pulling up to the playground in a fully loaded Lexus SUV, but your child probably would prefer lapping the swing set in a leather and titanium umbrella stroller inspired by Britain's great fighter pilots. The MacLaren Limited Edition Titanium Buggy (only 1,000 have been manufactured) features leather chest pads, seat and handles, a lightweight titanium frame and durable treaded tires and shopping basket.

The buggy costs $1,500 at specialty retailers. A scaled-down version called the "Techno" is available for about $280.Take a seat

Most self-respecting 4-year-olds consider themselves too big for a booster chair – even though they often have to sit on their knees to reach the table at some restaurants. Enter the Kidkushion booster pad, a brightly colored foam block that raises kids to table height in both comfort and style.

The cushions, available in green or blue, can be wiped up with soap and water. They're great for restaurants, Grandma's or home and can be used in movie theaters or anywhere else a child needs a boost.

Kidkushion costs about $10 at children's specialty retailers.

Lather up

Even if a child can't have his own bathroom, he can at least have his own shower. My Own Shower is a children's showerhead that quickly attaches to an existing showerhead and can be placed at a height that is just right for the junior soaper.

The patented diverter valve also stops the flow of water if its temperature exceeds 112 degrees Fahrenheit. And the kid-friendly frog and blowfish shapes have a gentler spray pattern than most adult showers. The manufacturer, Idea Factory Inc., says My Own Shower takes just three seconds to install and remove. It costs $29.95 in the showerhead section at Kmart and the juvenile section at Wal-Mart.