Skiatook School Board votes to accept superintendent's resignation

Tuesday, October 10th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The Skiatook School Board accepted the resignation of superintendent Harry Red Eagle, Senior, Monday night in a 3 to 2 vote. His resignation comes two months after the superintendent's son also resigned his position as a coach from the district. Harry Red Eagle, Junior resigned his job the day after The News on Six aired the videotape allegedly showing him placing a hidden video camera inside a girls’ locker room.

Many people in the Skiatook community initially supported Red Eagle, Senior, even felt sorry for him, because of the charges against his son. The sentiment changed when the superintendent recently recommended that the board fire the two teachers who gave The News on Six the locker room videotapes.

People arrived at the school board meeting early, even before the doors opened to the public, to hear how the board would vote on Red Eagle, Senior’s resignation. Some folks hung banners and posters outside, voicing their opinions that Red Eagle should leave his job before December 29th. The meeting room was packed with concerned citizens, teachers and parents. They all had to wait until the last item on the board’s agenda for the vote to accept the superintendent's resignation. It was not unanimous. The vote carried 3 to 2.

Before adjourning, the school board said it plans to find a way where citizens can voice their concerns about school business in the future. "We think it would be good to set up a system where people can talk about things on the agenda," said school board member Gene Jones. Some of the citizens at the meeting said that was not enough. "With all that's been going on, the victims have just been pushed aside,” said Skiatook resident Susie Cooper. “The school board owes those little girls an apology."

Others were not happy that Red Eagle, Senior will remain in office until for two more months. A group of Red Eagle supporters say the superintendent shouldn't leave. "He's done a great job, and I think the school board has done a good job, too," said Skiatook resident Rene Perigo.

As for Red Eagle himself, he says his retirement has less to do with the current situation, and more with putting in 35 years in the business. "Now is a good time,” he said.
”So the board has two months to decide what to do, and I have 35 years in. It's just time to go." Parents and other concerned citizens who say they just want the right thing to be done in this situation, ended the evening with a prayer. They asked for guidance and healing hearts.

As it stands now, Red Eagle will leave the district on December 29th. Some people are worried that the hearings to decide the fate of the two teachers who brought the videotapes to light, comes a month before his retirement is official.