SUSPENDED ANIMATION: Hero Sandwich #2 -- short on story

Wednesday, October 4th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Review by Mark Allen

Hero Sandwich #2, a comedy/adventure comic, kicks off with a story featuring Nutz, an intergalactic bounty hunter, and his robotic companion, Boltz. The two are hired by the talent agent Ishba Theordans to rescue one of his clients from a group of terrorists. As it happens, Ishba hired the terrorists to kidnap his client in the first place, as part of a scheme to smear the terrorists names (I can't quite figure that one) and make himself money from the publicity.

Following is a story that introduced the Drunc & Disorderly Band. The story opens with Drunc (leader of the band) and the guys being kicked out of a bar for being, well, disorderly. They are then captured by the evil warlord Anton Lafoot, who is in desperate need of musicians ("I must have my battle music"). They escape Lafoot by tricking him into attacking the hideout of a powerful mob boss. Afterwards, the guys crash-land on a planet, are captured by cannibals with high-tech weaponry, and are rescued by Nutz in a gratuitous crossover in issue three.

The art of Hero Sandwich is quite rough, but there are some very original character designs in this comic. One that stands out is Anton Lafoot; an alien whose anatomy is simply a head on a foot! Since this is largely a comedic effort by creators Nelson Danielson, Tyrone Deise, and Boudewyn, such a character works.

What the book is short on is storyline. Sure, a lot of things happen, but hardly with any point. We get no background on any of the main characters. who, except for Drunc, all appear to be aliens. Additionally, there is little to no motivation for the characters' actions. Overall, the book is a semi-fun read, but seems to have too much form and scarcely any substance.

A reader's best bet for buying Hero Sandwich would be to go to

Hero Sandwich: Hold the Mayo #2,3, Published by Boudewyn Illustration, 24 pages, $2.74.

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