Spiderman/Kingpin: To the Death

Thursday, September 7th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Review by Mark Allen

Spiderman has gone berserk, preying on the criminals of New York City. The bullet-ridden corpses of both small-time crooks and "made men" are turning up, with witnesses screaming the same statement made by the evidence; Spiderman has turned killer! This is all news, however, to Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, as he finds himself hunted by the law and superheroes alike. Only one member of the super-powered community believes Spidey is innocent, and it is the man who may know him best of all; Daredevil. Together, the two masked adventurers go into action to prove the innocence of ol' Webhead, and uncover a diabolical scheme involving a "mad" scientist, a strength-enhancing, but deadly serum called "Death's Arrow," and the ever-dangerous Kingpin of Crime. This is the premise of the 1997 Marvel work, Spiderman/Kingpin: To the Death, which is worth a look by all long-time comic fans for two very good reasons; Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. Lee, co- creator of such memorable characters as Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, the X-men and Daredevil, writes this titanic tale. It is perfectly illustrated by Romita, the man whose notoriety as a Spiderman artist among silver age fans may be surpassed only by Steve Ditko, Spidey's co-creator. Together, the two manage to weave a tale that is fresh, and yet possesses just the slightest bit of nostalgia. One of the most enjoyable elements of this story is the character-switch that seems to take place as Daredevil, normally possessing a cooler head than the Web-slinger, has the Death's Arrow introduced into his system. Going after the Kingpin with a vengeance, D.D. must be found and calmed by Spidey, who must administer the antidote before the serum runs it's deadly course.

Masterful storytelling, and superior artwork that is definitive of these two characters, awaits the reader who finds this back-issue treasure at their local comic store.

Check it out.

Spiderman/Kingpin: To the Death, ©1997 Marvel Comics, priced at $5.99.

A Note from Mark Allen

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