Garbage Company Files for Bankruptcy, Thousands of Green Country Residents left holding full trash bags

Wednesday, August 30th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A trash hauler files for bankruptcy in Tulsa Tuesday leaving 10,000 customers holding tons of garbage. The News on Six first told you Monday night about O-T-C and Tri-Star Refuse closing it's doors without warning. Now people in rural areas from Chelsea to Claremore are desperately trying to find someone to take out their trash.

The odor of rotting garbage is getting to be a little strong in the Oklahoma communities where trash trucks haven't shown up in more than a week. “I think it stinks in more ways than one,” says former O-T-C customer Shirley Deckard. “It's pretty bad."

Deckard says since her trash man hasn't shown up or answered the phone, she's found another trash hauler. Thousands of former O-T-C customers in Green Country are trying to find someone else to haul away their weekly garbage. Their previous trash hauler was O-T-C, a company based in Chelsea.

One of O-T-C's biggest customers was the city of Chelsea. The city's administrator says the O-T-C's owner told him last week that he was short on drivers, and needed some help. He says he told the owner that he couldn't help him, because he was a contract employee with the city. The city has been trying to learn more, since a closed sign went up on O-T-C’s front door. “I don't know,” said Chelsea City Administrator Don Cochran. “I haven't been able to contact him to make any kind of arrangements with him. Right now, all I can say is that he's in violation of his contract, because he's not picking up trash."

O-T-C’s owner filed Chapter Seven bankruptcy Tuesday, so now other trash haulers are getting his former customers. John Lewis started picking up the city of Chelsea's trash Tuesday and with so much trash piled up, he's got a big job ahead. "It's a lot of trash,” Lewis said. “It hasn't been picked up in some spots for more than a week, and three weeks in some spots."

Here’s a list of trash haulers who are willing to pick up your trash. KOTV does not endorse any of the following companies, and we encourage you to check them out before contracting their services.

  • John's Trash Service 342-5541
  • Freeman's Trash Service 342-2929
  • Bob Rhoads Trash Service 341-9445
  • Horton's Trash Service 342-2733
  • Rogers County Trash Service 812-0815
  • C&C Trash Service 697-6950
  • R & R Trash (Area north of Chelsea) 475-2430
  • Brushy Creek Trash Removal (Mayes County) 476-6815
  • Carter Trash (Salina area) 434-2741
  • Continental Refuse Service (Big Cabin – Vinita area) 788-3787