More allegations surface against former Skiatook coach

Tuesday, August 8th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A video tape showing a Skiatook High School coach putting a video camera in a girl’s locker room has led to new allegations.

Monday, The News on Six showed videotape of former Skiatook girls basketball coach Harry Redeagle, Jr. putting a camera in a locker. Redagles’ face is caught on the tape.

The News on Six reporter Lori Fullbright has confirmed that Redeagle submitted his resignation to the Skiatook School District Tuesday.

Now Michelle Reeder and a friend have come forward saying they found a camera in the locker room on another occasion in 1997. “She said, when I was walking into the locker room I saw a red light,” said Reeder’s mother, CheRon Randolph. “(She said) I scrunched down and saw it was a camera and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s recording.’”

Reeder says that she and a friend told Redeagle about the camera at the time. “He said he would check it out when the girls were done dressing out,” Reeder said of the 1997 incident. “We took him in and showed him where it was. He took it and said he’d find out who did it and nail them.”

Reeder says she asked Redeagle about the camera a few days later. She claims he said it was probably just some boys, but he hadn’t found out for sure who had put the camera there.

Reeder says she went to the police Tuesday with information of the previous incident after seeing The News on Six exclusive reports. She and her mother were just a few of the people who went to the Skiatook police department asking for or providing information. Many of those who went to the police Tuesday wanted to know if their daughters were anywhere on the tape. "We don't know and I don't want my daughter to think about how many tapes are out there,” said Angel Loney, mother of a Skiatook student. “It makes you sick, then, you wonder what to do."

Skiatook police chief Don Lancey says investigators will talk to all the parents who have questions. He said they're trying to talk to witnesses in the case first and hopes that more people will come forward with questions and information.

"Anyone who saw the tape or knew about it or anyone who's ever seen a video camera in the locker room before, we'd want to talk to them," said Chief Lancey.