New Nike Golf Ball Used By Woods, Hard to Find in Tulsa

Friday, July 21st 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Local golf and pro shops are scrambling to get the new golf ball used by professional golfing superstar Tiger Woods. The new Nike ball has been so popular, it's has proven to be hard to find.

Woods’s winning streak may have to do with the type of ball he uses and golfers are taking notice. ”I think we all look for an advantage, because if it is something that will help, “ said one golfer. “We are all looking to lower our score."

Last month, Woods lifted the standard and won the U-S Open by 15 strokes with his new Nike ball. Tulsa area golf pros say Nike wasn't a very popular ball, until Woods adopted the ball. The balls are sold out at the Sand Springs Golf Course and all over Tulsa. "It's basically the easiest job you could have right now, " said Nike Sales representative Jim Ferguson. Ferguson has been a golf sales representative for 28 years and just recently joined Nike. Ferguson says even Nike was caught off guard by Tigermania. :"Right now, we are totally back ordered,” he explained. It's going to take time to catch up." Ferguson says it takes about two weeks to fill an order for the golf balls.

Charles Page golfer, Leah Weigle follows Woods closely and understands why people are making changes. She says she's sticking with Titliest, because the ball is still easy to find in stores. “It's what I use," Weigle said.

Nike makes five types of golf balls. The particular one Woods uses, won't be in available in Tulsa until September.