Highway Patrol Needs Publics Help Solving A Fatal Hit And Run

Saturday, July 15th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Oklahoma State Troopers need your help tracking down the person who hit and dragged a father of four more than 50 feet down a county road last week.

The Wagoner man died last week.

"You can't imagine what he was to us," says wife Lee Bowman.

Doug and Lee Bowman had been married a year last Tuesday when he called her to tell her he was going to walk home from a gathering at the lake.

"I laid down with my children and I thought that they would go to sleep which they did and the next knock on my door was three Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen and I thought it would be my husband knocking on the door to get in" says Bowman.

OHP says they have been keeping an eye out for vehicles that regularly travel the road hoping to get more leads.

The main county road that takes people to Lake Ft. Gibson stays pretty busy. That was the case the night Doug Bowman was hit.

Several witnesses say they saw Bowman in the road, but so far no one has come forward that saw him get hit.

"It's possible they may not have even known it was a person," says Lt. Giles, Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

OHP says they are looking for two sport utility vehicles that were seen on the road that night, but that's about all they have.

Bowman's wife has written a letter to the person responsible, hoping they will come forward.

"I lay awake at night and wonder how anyone could do this to a human being. To let my husband lay in the road like that I wonder if he cried out for help," says Bowman.

This widowed mother of four says she'll do whatever it takes to bring justice to her husband's memory.

Two rewards are being offered in Wagoner County for information about Doug Bowman's death.

If you know anything about the July 2nd accident on Whitehorn Cove Road just outside Wagoner, you can call OHP at (918) 683-3256.