Murdered boy's parents sue North American Man/Boy Love Association

Tuesday, May 16th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

BOSTON (AP) -- The parents of a 10-year-old boy who was killed by two men after he resisted their sexual advances filed a $200
million lawsuit Tuesday against the North American Man/Boy Love Association, claiming one of the killers was incited by the group.

Barbara and Robert Curley allege that NAMBLA "encourages its members to rape male children." Their wrongful death suit filed in federal court also claims that "NAMBLA serves as a conduit for an underground network of pedophiles in the United States."

Jeffrey Curley was killed on Oct. 1, 1997. Salvatore Sicari was convicted of first-degree murder in the case, while Charles Jaynes
was convicted of second-degree murder and kidnapping.

Prosecutors said the two young men were sexually obsessed with the boy, lured him from his Cambridge neighborhood with the promise of a new bike, and then smothered him with a gasoline-soaked rag when he resisted their sexual advances.

The lawsuit alleges that Jaynes joined NAMBLA in the fall of 1996, read the group's publication and Web site and "became
obsessed with having sex with and raping young male children."

The message box at the North American Man/Boy Love Association phone listing in New York City was full late Tuesday. The message said the organization "speaks out against societal repression and celebrates the joys of men and boys in love."

The lawsuit also names an Internet provider, Verio Inc., of Englewood, Colo., saying it has violated its own policies by hosting the NAMBLA Web site and is providing an international communication system for pedophiles.

A spokeswoman said the company hadn't reviewed the lawsuit and couldn't comment.