Walt Zwirko's Computer Corner

Friday, May 12th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Mother's Day on the Web

The clock is ticking. It's almost Mother's Day.

If you have been lax in providing your dear mum with the tribute she so richly deserves, the Internet is standing by to help you atone for your procrastination.

For moms who are already connected to the World Wide Web, the VideoGreetings.com website lets you select from a list of humorous video clips which you can dispatch to your parental unit along with a personal message.

There is a wide assortment of clips for just about any any occasion. The service is free.

If your mom's not yet online, it's getacard.com to the rescue.

This website lets you browse through an on-screen "rack" of greeting cards, from contemporary to traditional.

Make your selection (starting at about $3), add a personal message and click to dispatch it.

Standard postage is free. If it's urgent, overnight delivery can be arranged for a $15 fee.

Then without your mom having a computer ( and without a trip to the mall and post office) your getacard.com greeting arrives along with all the traditional bills, magazines and junk mail.

The iVillage.com website has a timely suggestion for computer users: "Take Your Mom Online" this Mother's Day.

Why not?

There's a wide world of information on the web for older Americans... but what if they feel a bit reluctant to make the leap?

"Very reluctant oftentimes," said iVillage editor-in-chief Nancy Evans. "We have easy steps to bringing your mom on line, five easy steps to do it. And we also give moms 50 things that they can do to make their lives easier."

Evans said there are a number of new and easy ways for mothers to get online, including WebTV and other Internet "appliances" which eliminate a lot of the technical difficulties.

You shouldn't have a problem "As long as you have patience with mom," Evans advised. "Moms need patience as you teach them, and teach them in very small increments."

The iVillage.com website is also hosting a contest in conjunction with their "mom online" promotion.