Tulsa Hospital Unveils Orthoscopic Surgery’s Latest Technology

Tuesday, January 4th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Saint Francis hospital unveiled the latest advancement in orthoscopic surgery Tuesday. It's the state's first voice activated computer that allows surgeons ultimate control in the operating room. It's a surgeon’s dream come true. A voice activated computer that gives them total control over their operating room. Saint Francis hospital is one of only eighty hospitals in the nation that have it. And they say the hands free computer controls will streamline the operating room forever.

Dr. Brad Boone says the new system will speed things up, allowing nurses to better care for their patient, while helping him concentrate on his work. "Each time that I've got to change or make a change in any component, I've got to take my eyes off the screen and stop operating to make that adjustment," said Boone.

The computer-integrated system can control instruments, dim the lights, and even take pictures for later use. The computer responds to the doctor's pre-recorded voice commands, which are stored on a small card.

Hospitals say a more efficient procedure will save you time and money. The $30,000 computer will, however, likely take the place of at least one nurse in the operating room. But the systems company will tell you it's the price of progress. "We just want to create less time in the operating room,” said Stryker Endoscopy’s Price Rogers. “The only way to do that is to give the surgeon absolute control over all of the components."

The voice-activated partner has one more feature that surgeons really like. An attending surgeon can even ask for a compliment during the operation and the computer will say, “You are such a great surgeon.”