Tulsa Fire Department Wraps Up Sexual Conduct Investigation #1, Begins Investigation #2

Friday, December 17th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The second investigation involving sexual misconduct at a Tulsa fire station continues.
Friday, the fire chief wrapped up what he calls "investigation number one."

Chief Tom Baker put the final touches on a sexual misconduct case involving four firefighters from stations 14 and 18. Baker announced Captain C.W. Fry from fire station 18, a 23-year veteran, retired in the face of disciplinary action. In total, the four logged 99 years of service for the fire department.

Baker says fire stations should always be safe places for citizens. “We believe these fire stations are now and will continue to be places where any person, a child or a family member, can walk in and not feel like they are in a hostile environment," he said.

Baker says he's now working on investigation number two. On Monday, he learned about photos of a topless woman. He says the photos of the woman were taken at station number 14. They've just started interviews and the chief isn't sure which firefighters are involved or whether they will face the same punishment. "As the potential hearing office, I can't draw that conclusion until I have considered all the information and evidence," he explained.

Baker is confident the department can draw strength from the adversity. “We will meet this challenge and from this, we will be a better department," he said. The fire chief stressed he doesn't want Tulsa's 700 firefighters, who risk their lives everyday, to be put in a bad light by just a few troublemakers.