Fire Department Launches Investigation into Topless Photos Taken at Fire Station

Wednesday, December 15th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Another heated investigation is underway at the Tulsa Fire Department. Just days after three fire officials were allowed to retire after an investigation into misconduct, the department launches a new investigation surrounding photographs taken at Tulsa Fire Station #14.

The investigation began Monday concerning photos that appear to be taken in the fire station of a topless woman. Fire officials say they can't talk about the case, but they are interviewing individuals thought to be involved in taking the pictures. The woman in the photos is seen posing with a man wearing a firefighter’s uniform.

In other photos, she is topless and wearing firefighter suspenders, helmets and boots. This photo was allegedly taken Fire Station #14, a building designated as a safe place for kids. Attorney Clark Brewster turned the photos over to the media after they turned up in a divorce case he is handling. Brewster says neither party in the divorce is related to the fire department or is seen in or has knowledge of the pictures.

The fire department says this new investigation shouldn't take as long as the most recent but unrelated case. That report says the firefighters didn't break any laws, only fire department policy. The fire department is not releasing names of those firemen being investigated this time around. But they department says they are taking the pictures seriously.

There's also a new development in the first case of sexual misconduct within the Tulsa Fire Department. Captain Guy Rutherford, who was fired last week for sexual misconduct, has now been allowed to retire. Rutherford would have received his pension either way. Rutherford's record will now say that he retired in the face of disciplinary action that eliminates any avenue for appeal. Two other firefighters also took early retirement in the case.