Trickey Family Releases First Public Statement

Friday, December 10th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Seth Trickey's family issued a statement Friday, their first communication with the public since the shooting four days ago. They expressed their sympathy for the community and their sorrow for their son. Here is their statement in its entirety.

"As broken-hearted as we are for our Seth and the apparent loss of such a promising future, our sorrow and grief over the pain inflicted on the children and their families by these unspeakable actions are beyond our ability to express. Like others, we have felt the frustration, bewilderment and anger over such violent and senseless acts that have occurred in other parts of the country.

Never in our worst nightmares could we have imagined that such an act would be visited upon our school, community and family. While we struggle to make some sense of these actions, the reasons for which we're not sure are even clear to Seth, our love for him remains firm and unconditional. We realize that there is more hurt than just the physical wounds.

We are so thankful that this tragedy was not worse, and we pray that the physical and emotional wounds of the children and their families heal quickly and completely.
We pray that the school and community will not succumb to the fear and suspicion that could so easily overwhelm and cripple them, but will instead rely on the faith, strength and resilience that have sustained them in the past, and made them the people we love.

Lastly, we pray that if human forgiveness does indeed exist, that Seth and we be forgiven."