Companies Using Millenium To Boost Sales

Sunday, December 5th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Some local businesses are using the y2k bug to sell things like flowers, batteries and cars. The businesses say it's all for fun and just another advertising gimmick we may see more of in the next 27 days.

Southwood's nursery is using winter-blooming flowers to have some fun with the question of whether computers will think it's 2000 or 1900 on January 1st. The current Southwood commercial says "Introducing the y2k compliant pansy. This tough colorful little bloomer from Southwood Nursery is guaranteed not to create any havoc the moment the big hand strikes 12 on new years eve."

Southwood says their ridiculous idea that flowers could crash is actually catching people's attention.

"They want to know where the y2k pansy is and I say they are all y2k pansies. If we have a mild winter, they will virtually bloom the whole time," says Southwood Nursery Manager.

Mike Quinn Dodge has received some extra calls because they're advertising all their cars are y2k compliant. Mike Quinn and triple-A say all cars are compliant. Remember, commercials are meant to attract interest.

"It's just kind of a fun thing. Even if a car wasn't y2k compliant, we know the wheels aren't going to come off," says Quinn.

If the electricity at home ever goes out, a generator is a great backup. It's actually something practical for those doubting computers. But, Sutherland's still has a commercial poking fun at some people's fears.

"It's letting people know we have the products they need in any weather situation.. power outages, floods or anything. It's not necessarily just y2k," says Sutherlands employee.

And these advertisers believe their ads may just be the beginning of businesses using the y2k bug to their advantage.