Tulsa’s Top Ten Toys According To Young Toy Testers

Tuesday, November 30th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The hunt is on as parents all over the U-S search for that perfect toy to put under the Christmas tree. Over the past few days, the News on Six has reviewed the top twenty toys nationwide in the Great American Toy Test. Here’s a list of the top ten toys in Tulsa as selected by our local toy testers.

1. The music of Jumping Chloe Kangaroo delighted the children. It’s made by Gemmy Industries. Price: $15.00.

2. Battat's Drum Orchestra was also a big bang among Tulsa kids ages 3 and up. The instruments make a lot of music. Price $40.00.

3. Tele-Tubby, Just For Fun Puzzle. It's for children 18 months and up and priced at $12.00.

4. The Water Magic Kitchen by Fisher-Price is great for kids age 2 and up. It was popular with the Tulsa kids who liked to play make believe in the kitchen. Priced at $30.00.

5. To entertain children ages five and up, there's the Turbo 2 Rough Rider from Silverlit. It is priced at $25.00.

6. Another winner for kids four and up is the Cat's Eye marble game. The educational game from Cadaco teaches colors and is priced at $15.00.

7. The Tulsa kids also picked some of the national winners. Battat makes three of the top toys. For animal lovers ages 3 and up, there's the Dalamation Vet Cage. The cage includes a stuffed dog and medical instruments and is priced at $30.00.

8. Battat’s Farm house is for younger children, ages 18 months and up. It’s priced at $35.00.

9. Battat’s Delux Electronic Cash register teaches kids about money while they play. It's for children ages 3 and up. It's priced at $35.00.

10. The final top ten Tulsa toy is the Power Change Workshop for ages 3 and up. It comes with all sorts of tools. The Mattel/Fisher Price toy is priced at $33.00.

For more information about these and other toys, go to the KOTV home page and click on the “Toy Test” button located on the left side of your screen.