Stolen Checks Causing Problems for Victims and Stores

Wednesday, November 24th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Thieves are stealing checks out of mailboxes and then are going on huge shopping sprees. This is leaving victims with feelings of frustration and leaving the stores holding the bag. June Dixon is one victim who’s fighting back. She’s calling all of the stores in the Tulsa area to tell them she had 150 checks stolen from her mailbox. She’s also warning all the stores she can think of, that the thieves might be headed their way.

Even though Dixon wrote out a police report and switched banks after the theft, the checks keep rolling in. "They went to Game Exchange,” said Dixon. “I think they spent $200 there. They’ve been to Reasors’ nine times and they’ve also been to Walgreens. They're having a good Christmas."

So far, Dixon isn't having a very good holiday season. She hates it that her good name is now being associated with all of these bad checks. "I think they're low life with no morals,” she said. “It doesn't matter to them the grief and pain they bring. They have many, many hot checks."

Dixon is definitely not alone. Detectives say they're working many cases of stolen checks being passed. Police say it will only get worse next month because thats when criminals plan on stores being so busy, they become lax at checking I-D’s. "These guys thrive on this time of year, where everyone is rushed and not paying attention,” explained Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Craig Bivens. “As they say, it's a time of joy for us and for the bad guys."

Ironically, while the criminals are out using Dixon's checks, she's not allowed to write any checks. K-Mart refused to take one the other day, which only added to her humiliation. "I go through stages when I get angry, then I think God will take care of it," she said. In the meantime, Dixon bought and installed a mailbox that locks her mail inside and only she has the key.