Leaf Raking Vs. Leaf Blowing

Saturday, November 20th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Fall has fallen and it's messy. Leaf-covered yards, they're every where. There are only two ways to get rid of them, rake them or blow them away. Tulsans are now trying to decide which is the best method.

The sound of crunching leaves it may be pleasing to the ears, but the eyes see it another way. It's time to clear the yard.

"Well, I feel sorry for my neighbor Roy he's really nice to me all the time and all my leaves are blowing over into his yard. His yard looks really nice so I want to make sure they don't blow over there," Bob Muir.

So Bob Muir is raking, before a neighborhood ruckus leafs out. He's not the only one taking advantage of the extra days of warm weather.
But some people are getting their rid of their dead foliage without a rake.

"It's kind of tiring sitting out here raking and seeing those guys blowing them all in a pile," says Muir.

This is Carol Gamble's first year to vacuum and blow away her troubles. But not all of neighbors are so fond of the power tool.

"They're noisy, messy and useless," says Neighbor Frank Murphy.

But to some they look pretty good after a few tugs with the rake.

"I think everybody does that where you rake on the side rake, rake, rake, rake, rake, and that gets sore so you turn around and you do it the other way then you keep doing that all the way through," says Muir.

We've compiled all of the research and found it's just up to personal preference how you get rid of the leaves. One thing is for sure it takes hard work no matter how you do it.

If you live in the northwest quarter of the Tulsa pick-up is once a week and customers can put out 12 bags of leaves per week. In other parts of the city pick up is twice a week and customers can put out six bags a week.
If you live in an outlying area call your city for information on pick-up.