Garrison Arrested Again After Ten Year Murder Investigation

Friday, October 22nd 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa police have arrested Wayne Garrison, a double child killer, for the murder of a young Tulsa boy ten years ago. Garrison was released from prison Friday morning on a drug charge and was immediately arrested for the murder in the parking lot of a North Carolina prison.

In June of 1989, authorities began searching the land around Lake Bixhoma near Bixby. Parts of a young boy’s body had been found and the police were looking for clues. They eventually identified the body as 13-year-old Justin Wiles. He lived in a north Tulsa neighborhood, a block from the home of convicted child killer, Wayne Garrison.

Garrison was quickly named a suspect and his home was searched for evidence. He was eventually arrested, to the relief of the dead boy’s mother and brother. In an interview, Dorothy Farrar said that she believed Garrison was the killer and hoped that the police could connect him to the murder. Joe Wiles said, “It was kind of a coincidence that Garrison was up there fishing when they found Justin’s body at the lake. I have a strong feeling that it is him.”

But police could not find conclusive evidence they needed to hold Garrison. The suspect eventually moved to North Carolina, where he was convicted of delivering drugs to a child. Friday, Tulsa police announced they now had the evidence they needed to make the arrest. "We did find certain forensic evidence that is very key to the filing of this criminal charge," said Tulsa police sergeant Mike Huff.

The police got a break in the case while reviewing old evidence last year. A detective noticed a previously overlooked bite mark in a photograph of the suspect. Working with experts in the relatively new field of forensic dentistry, detectives matched the bite on Garrison with Wiles, who was last seen alive as he got into Garrison’s car.