A Spree of Saturday Morning Robberies

Saturday, March 19th 2005, 6:39 pm
By: News On 6

Jack Daugherty, Robbery Victim:"That was me, I didn't think it could happen."

But it did. Jack Daugherty was the victim of an early morning armed robbery.

The crime spree started a little after 6 Saturday morning. Two suspects held up a man outside of the IHOP on 72nd and Lewis. A few minutes later they stuck up a woman walking into a nearby Walgreens. While police were still investigating, the crooks struck again, this time robbing a victim at a car wash on the city's east side. Their last stop on the crime spree was at a hardware store on North Sheridan.

Police are looking for two black males in their early 20's, wearing dark clothes and black hooded sweatshirts.

Some local businessmen are now putting their safety in their own hands. A delivery man for Benjamin Eble chinese restaurant was robbed last week. His drivers carry dog spray but now will carry something a little stronger.

Benjamin Eble, Restaurant Owner:" At this point I can't say in detail and it can vary from driver to driver. But I really can't get into that. Our drivers, they know, they're free to do whatever they need to protect themselves."

After almost 50 years in the hardware business, Jack Daugherty came face to face with two armed robbers this morning. One man smashed him in the face with the barrel of a gun.

But next time, he'll be ready.

Jack Daugherty, Robbery Victim:" I doubt that I shall ever walk in there without being armed...After all these years in the hardware business...you can well imagine I'm bristling with arms."